Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold- 3 5G | August 11, 2021

There’s no doubt that Samsung always continues to push-forward the foldable, as the customers are desperate for these new looks and the new takes. Modern look to it on the back and modern shapes. This is the 3rd generation and Samsung continues to make improvised of it’s smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

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For sure, it’s not a typical smartphone. With the folded state and with the huge display to work-with, i.e. 7.6 inches on the inside and of course exterior display-6.2 inches. A slight increase in ppi as well and gets Gorilla glass victus.

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The camera layout changed a little bit, sort of fits-in with the rest of the lineup. A 12 megapixels across-the-board and have some optical zoom in there as well at 2x. Making the camera bump, smaller than that huge-squared from last time. Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 has triple cameras: Ultra-wide, standard, and a 2x-telephoto; and a flash.

When you start to do the initial fold, you’ll find very satisfying. Overall the device is quite lighter despite a relatively large device and that’s most pocketable and one-handed fold. It’s meant to fold out and be kind of a productivity monster. If someone wants to launch a desktop-version of a browser with 7.6 inches, this is it. Obviously, holding it for the first time, makes you feel very similar to Fold 2; however, with noteworthy improvements and a bunch of small changes that adds up to being worth a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 5G.

When you are using it as a regular phone; the whole phone is about 2 mm thinner, it’s slightly lighter than last year. Samsung is able to trim-off-to 271 grams on the new model as opposed to 279 grams (let’s wait-and-watch as to how much more will it be trimmed-off with the newer versions). Most importantly, the hinge is more tucked into the side of the phone and it doesn’t stick out.

It has an IPX8 water resistance rating, which is pretty intense. Means it can survive water from all directions and can actually be immersed in water and that’s a pretty step forward a folding phone. First ever folding screened-type phone that can actually “certify of water resistance.” That’s great!

The IPX8 (and not IPX68), X means, it wasn’t tested for fine-granular particles-not dust resistance. Little tiny grains, particles getting into the hinge and eventually ending up under the screen.

The Cover-Screen is outside, which is with resolution and size; it’s 120 hertz to match-up with the inside screen too.

Inside-Screen, 120 hertz refresh rate, dust caps at the top and the bottom. Unlike a punch camera at the top in the middle-right hand side, and the selfie-camera embeds behind the display, making it Under-Display inside of a folding display; accommodating for video calls and selfies’. And definitely not invisible and clearly seen when you look for it through pixelation-gap. An octogen-shaped pixel and everything that passes-through the octogen, it’s just get pixelated with bright and white color and more visible when it’s off-axis.

The foldable screen is more durable and 80% scratch resistance, making Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, a S-Pen compatible. Easy for bigger canvas and note-taking. It looks like a normal S-Pen, but Samsung made a special S-Pen and it’s called “S-Pen Fold” edition. It has a softer retractable tip, so can’t apply too much pressure as this might still damage the screen. Most of the pens that are for writing and canvasing aren’t soft- tipped and retractable. You can’t use other pens on the Fold 3 as you get a warning displayed on the screen that reads “only use S-Pens designed for Galaxy Fold, other S-Pens may damage the screen.” As it goes without saying that a brand new big S-Pen Pro, which can be set to Z Fold mode-a physical switch on the top of the pen, makes the tip attract more easily and with less pressure. It charges by USB type C and also has on-board memory, you can copy-and-paste stuff between Samsung siblings.

However, it’s just an optional accessory, so you have to buy if you wanna carry it along.

A bunch of pretty sweet new software features that make this phone even more of a multitasking monster. You can force every app to work in multitasking for custom aspect ratios. Slide over apps from the side, where you can permanently pin over to the right hand side of the phone, like a desktop-operating system. Shuffle around your recent apps.

The 12 GB RAM, no-matter which version you get. You either going to get 256 or 512 storage. With 4400 mAh battery, little smaller than last year’s 4500 mAh as it is little compact and thinner.

A SIM tool is in there. A type C cable, to get it charged. The days of power breaks are over.

There are three colors: Silver, Black, and Phantom Green

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It’s truly doing two things you’re getting a a little tablet and a smartphone-in-one.

Costs $1,799, little more than before but that’s the starting price.

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