is now My Personal News for Recruitment and Counseling. is now My Personal News for Recruitment and Counseling.

There’s a piece of much buzz news around that made headlines, and people are still puzzled out if it’s for good or for the wrong reason.  There’s a website in question that reads as “”, i.e. Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council, an official website of Madhya Pradesh Government for registering nurses into the data required for the government of Madhya Pradesh after completion of the nursing degree. 

This website was originally registered, dated 02-11-2012.  Back then some State governments across India, wanted to transition to or, to give a better understanding to the reader to chose government websites as opposed to other individual owner-shipped websites to give direct information to the stakeholders and to curtail any fraud in the name of governments.

Unlike other States, so is MP Govt, had thought to have it transitioned to for the same Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council and chose to surrender the website by not renewing it.  Per data, it shows that the site in question after government surrendering, i.e., owned by individual ownership, and there it all started. 

Since Google algorithm gives DA (domain authority) for government websites for many better reasons, and so are; for information related and for a good amount of backlinks.  This individual ownership website now has close to 25,500 backlinks, as of August 12, 2021, which might have been both from then government-owned website, and of course to have worked on to get backlinks then after.

This all started when someone made a purchase of this website, roughly around 2021-05-16.  The website in question, i.e., is a multi-niched article website now, which started to raise eyebrows, as with the age of the new ownership-website bought. 

Albeit it’s too early to say if it was bought in auction or by other means and with what price?.  The site in question had outranked all the government websites, including “” for which the Government of MP had transitioned.  This goes without saying that the purpose of transition may not have fully served.  You name the content, i.e., Big Boss, Olympics, Entertainment, Education, it was there all over the places.  We all knew how Neeraj Chopra was searched on Google, the site in question ranked on this too; and Windows 11, and other stuff, it outranked all, and surprisingly, it outranked the “Wikipedia.”

I just had a real quick read on the website, and when I had a quick search on Neeraj Chopra, the gender was misspelled as “SHE” and the content was elementary too, would still be outranking all.  It took everyone by surprise and worried that if this was the quality of a website that outranked Wikipedia and others as well.  Leave about it, there were too many grammatical mistakes as well.  In verge of making money and becoming popular, people are losing the essence as to how would they be contributing in terms of education.  This would definitely demean the morale of both, in terms of knowledge – that is misleading and also for the new-aspiring-hardworking bloggers.’ 

More in-depth analysis, that in the past, the website in question – Similarweb categorized it to be “Law and Government and still it’s the one.  However, as of now, it transitioned to new individual ownership and content suffice to all nothing but “Law and Government,” it still manages to get domain authority. 

Around June and July, Google had Spasm and CORE updates, surprisingly the website dodging both the Google updates – and the traffic skyrocketed.  This makes the question of so-called blogging gurus, who talk volumes about the ranking and indexing stuff on social media – their graduation on Google as a bot, failed them too.  Long lectures and hanky-panky courses sold as to how the Google ranks, DA, and other stuff; it just shows that they are speaking their experience and rather not the Google’s algorithm, which makes them still a partial illiterate of Google’s algorithm.  They must go-back again.  For them this too a shoddy piece of research.   The website in question, as it caught many eyes to have dodged all the algorithms, and we really never knew as to how many of them up until now had dodged so far without ever been caught up this way.

A surge in the expired government domain is high now as many hunts out for a chase, as it would make an easy-money plant than to put a lot of sweat into it.  I personally think Google must re-write its algorithm pertaining to such websites in the coming future, so as to not to lose the content to such falsely-led websites.  Herein this website, Google must have thought that it has a well-researched article as it was a government website back then, whereas it’s not, and still gets ranked on top.  We have to wait and watch up until what amount of period it buzzes off before it gets settled. 

This would be a case study for the bloggers’ community.  To see, if this website is de-categorized from “Law and Government” to “News” and/or “Entertainment” or others; have to wait and watch if it still be outranking others and buzzes out.

However, the individual ownership was clear with the disclaimer that it was only meant for “News and others” this makes them clean-off, that no-dirty on the hands.   Making it to be a “My Personal News for Recruitment and Counseling.”  Again the question arises as they weren’t amateurs, as there might have a lot of thought and strategy been gone into it.  One has to look into, if it was a well-planned gesture or happened by accident.

All-in-all, with approximately 20 million traffic up until now and articles outranking others with such new individual ownership, needless to say, what might have been the revenue generation.  Let’s all wait and watch for now to see for how long it would be around this way.  

Wait and watch!

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